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What you need to know about off-plan properties in Dubai?

Purchasing an off-plan property has become one of the most attractive types of investments in Dubai these days. Buyers and investors have seen great potential for off-plan projects as it is proven to have a good return on investments (ROI), creates a long-term profit, and prices are way lower as compared to ready properties.

If you’re planning to buy an off-plan property in Dubai, you need to consider some factors before finalising your deal.

Identify your purpose

The first thing you need to do is to identify your purpose. Figure out whether you use the property personally as an end-user or it is meant for future investment, a holiday home or a property for rent.

Know your financial capabilities

Identify how much you can afford when purchasing an off-plan property in Dubai. Normally, the size of the property affects the price of the unit. You can choose from affordable and luxury new real estate projects in Dubai, filter down your requirements and see how much budget you’re able to pay.

Choose your location

In Dubai, off-plan properties are everywhere. You can easily choose which type of property you require and which location you want to buy a property. You can see off-plan properties in various settings such waterfront, island community, city centre, tranquil suburbs, and a lot more.

Buy from credible property developers

Numerous off-plan properties are available in Dubai, identify the developer of a particular project and study how they deliver off-plan properties to the buyers. Research about their credibility, check out on their previous projects, and if there are delayed on handovers.

These are just a few things you need to know about off-plan properties in Dubai. Once you have identified these factors, you will definitely end up having the right off-plan property in Dubai.